Why using a framework is a good habit?

What are 5 benefits that software frameworks can offer you? No matter if it's related to Frontend or Backend development. In both cases profit is obvious!

June 29, 2020
Why using a framework is a good habit? Photo by pine watt on Unsplash

This post will be really short. I’ve marked a few points why using the toolkit is a brilliant idea.

  • Time Savings - It allows you to bootstrap your project in a minute; consume all functions and methods that already someone wrote for you.
  • Scale Ability - Most frameworks have been tested by many, so is more likely to scale better than something you come up with alone
  • Robustness - It is similar to scaling, more brains can pop up with an efficient way of doing it.
  • Security - It is easier to patch all vulnerabilities, if you have common ground with available solutions, that are prepared by the community.
  • Integrity - Sometimes, a framework can give you a possibility to integrate other services in an easy way, because someone already needs it.


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