Kubernetes Deployment Strategies

Kubernetes Deployment Strategies


Together with Container Solutions, We are proud to host a FREE workshop for the Cloud Native Community. We will guide a group of 25 participants through the Deployment Strategies in Kubernetes giving a hands on experience with our tutorial."


As a Cloud Native expert will share my knowledge and experience of Kubernetes and related technologies. I will also help you go through the workshop tasks.


When: 05.03.2019, 16.00 to 20.00

Where: WeWork office, Krucza 50, Warsaw (2nd floor)

Who will benefit?

  • System Admins who already knows Kubernetes, but had no chance to use it in Production
  • DevOps engineers who are working on Continuous Integration and would like improve their Continuous Deployment processes
  • System Architects who are designing environments for Cloud Native applications

What you will learn?

  • What deployment strategies are available in Kubernetes.
  • Practice simple strategies on a sample application.
  • Try Canary deployments with Istio.
  • How to choose the best strategy for your application

Basic knowledge of Kubernetes is required to fully participate in the workshop!



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