Kubernetes Fundamentals - k8s in 3h

Kubernetes Fundamentals - k8s in 3h

February 7, 2019 WeWork, Krucz 50

Together with Container Solutions, We are proud to host a free workshop for the Cloud Native Community. We will guide a group of 25 participants through the basics of Kubernetes giving a hands on experience with our tutorial.


As a Cloud Native expert will share my knowledge and experience of Kubernetes and related technologies. I will also help you go through the workshop tasks.

During the workshop you will become familiar with Docker and Kubernetes fundamentals, deploy applications on Kubernetes, make it public and get familiar with some useful tools you may want to use during your everyday work with Kubernetes. We will tell you next steps and where can you dive into more detail in the Cloud Native field.

Who Will Benefit?

  • Software Developers who are familiar with Microservices Architectures, but have not explored dynamic orchestration.

  • System Admins who would like to understand how applications are deployed and managed on Kubernetes.

  • IT enthusiasts who would like to learn through experience how dynamic orchestration works in practice.

What You Will Learn?

  • A quick review of Docker and containerization practices.

  • The architecture of Kubernetes.

  • How to deploy applications on Kubernetes and make it publicly available.

  • How to manage and monitor Kubernetes.

After completion of the workshop all participants will receive vouchers for Qwiklabs by Google, so you can learn more afterwards.


We would like to thank our Partners - Google Cloud and WeWork, for supporting our event!

![/images/logo/google-cloud.png](Google Cloud Platform) https://d33wubrfki0l68.cloudfront.net/d57cb9557e7f751fd63d0920dd3564f661fb0a0e/e5428/images/logo/wework.png



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